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Member Charm bracelet with white pearls, malachite and Charmista disc silver

  • Charm bracelet: Combination of a link bracelet made of 925 Sterling silver and a beads bracelet
  • With elaborately designed end caps and a round THOMAS SABO Charm Club Charmista Coin

  • Available in lengths of 13, 15, 17 and 19 cm


Charm Carrier: The charm bracelet enchants with an exciting aesthetic and the combination of a link bracelet and a beads bracelet. The link bracelet is inspired by wide anchor chains and made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver. Its end is adorned with a round THOMAS SABO Charm Club Charmista Coin. It is hand-painted with turquoise cold enamel. The beads bracelet is a colorful mix of cultivated freshwater pearls, imitation malachite and imitation turquoise. Its end caps are elaborately adorned with engraved lines. You can hang any number of charm pendants on the links and combine them individually. The charm bracelet is available in different lengths.

Thomas Sabo Member Charmista bracelet with white pearls and malachite

SKU: A2130-158-7
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