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The full moon brings a time of joy, illumination and an abundance of energy and emotion. Celebrate the things you have learnt, overcome and manifested. Wear this set as a reminder to practice gratitude and self-love, to ground yourself and remember what is important in your life.

Available in 925 sterling silver or 18ct gold plating.


Would be an excellent stack addition to anyone's wrist!ChloBo jewellery has been approved by AnchorCert Protect, meaning you are protected against all known metal allergens, making it safe for your skin, even if you already have allergies.


This bracelet is handmade to 18cm but as the beads vary there may be a slight variation in the measurement.


We are an authorised UK ChloBo retailer

Brand new with Branded retail boxes and warranty paperwork

1 Year Warranty on all ChloBo

ChloBo Celebrate Sodalite Bracelet set of 2 - Layering Bracelets

SKU: SBSET3370732
£145.00 Regular Price
£108.75Sale Price
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