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A symbol of 'objective', 'direction' and 'transition', the stylish compass charm symbolizes guidance and navigation through the obstacles encountered through our lives. Each direction on the compass has a different meaning, with North symbolizing home and wisdom, South representing passion and creation, East signifying new beginnings and inspiration and West for introspection and reflection.



- Alex and Ani Compass III Bangle A17EBCOMPRS

- Rafaelian Silver Finish

- Charm Measures 0.95" by 0.65"

- Expandable Bangle
- Adjustable From 2" to 3.5"

- Rafaelian Silver Finish


This bangle has the Alex and Ani Antique/Old/Used Rafaelian finish.


Authorized UK Alex and Ani stockist

We no longer have any Alex and Ani packaging so will come in Precious branded packaging..



Alex and Ani 'Compass' Charm Bangle - A17EBCOMPRS

£29.00 Regular Price
£11.60Sale Price
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