Thomas Sabo Imitation White Freshwater Pearl Necklace 


A stunning necklace made from hand-crafted, white imitation Pearls, on hand-Knotted string, with large ring-clasp made from 925 Sterling silver. The core of the imitation Pearl, crafted by hand, is made from glass and is coated in more than 10 layers of finely-ground Mother-of-Pearl dust. The result of this time-intensive manufacturing process is Pearly jewels with iridescent colours, whose Mother-of-Pearl shimmer creates a wonderful highlight.


- Width: 1.0 cm

- Size/Length 45cm/M

- Item Code: KE585-028-14-M


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Will come packaged in Thomas Sabo packaging




Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Imitation Freshwater Pearl Necklace - KE565-028-14-M

SKU: KE585-028-14-M